Jennifer Derienzo - COACH/Co-Owner - CF LVL 1


Jennifer has been doing CrossFit for four years and completed her Level 1 training in June of 2017.  What started out as a way to loose weight after having children has quickly turned into a lifelong healthy lifestyle.  She enjoys the ever changing challenge that each workout brings on a daily basis.  Jennifer loves helping others get all of the benefits that CrossFit brings both mentally and physically.

Ashley Greenholt - COACH/Co-Owner - CF LVL 1

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Ashley grew up with a love for sports and competed in grade school, high school, and collegiate levels.   She graduated from Gettysburg College in 2010 with a degree in Health Science, and she is currently employed by Conewago Valley School District as the Food & Nutrition Director.  She is a full time mom to an enthusiastic 8 year old daughter who always keeps her on the move and who occasionally joins her at the gym for a workout.  At a young age, she was able to see the impact of coaching  by watching her father coach on the football field for years.  Having seen the dedication and passion her father had, she always felt that same drive to help others achieve their physical goals.  Ashley has always been drawn to an active lifestyle and began personal training in 2013.  Shortly thereafter, she had a desire to try something new, and began training in CrossFit in the later part of 2013. She feels like there is no exercise routine that will get you in better shape than CrossFit can.  She believes it conditions your body to push beyond its limits day in and day out.  Ashley's love for the sport continued to grow, so  in June of 2017,  she completed her Level 1 training and has been coaching ever since at SU.  Ashley loves the competitive nature of CrossFit, but also values the extreme camaraderie that it offers on a daily basis. 

Brad Heird - COACH/Co-Owner - CF LVL 1

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Brad graduated from West Chester University with a degree in Mathematics Education.  He currently teaches 7th and 8th Grade Mathematics at Conewago Valley School District at New Oxford Middle School.  He is married and has two active children. Brad started doing CrossFit in 2012 and was immediately drawn to the mix of competitiveness and camaraderie.  He values the friendships that develop from working through tough challenges together. Before coming to the sport, Brad was an avid runner until injury forced him to find a new passion in CrossFit.

Tim hinsche - coach/Co-Owner - cf lvl 1


Growing up Tim played sports every season, mostly baseball and wrestling, but once he hit high school, he focused on wrestling. After playing school sports, Tim coached wrestling and also worked as a referee.  Family life quickly came and he had 3 great kids and continued to help with their sports and activities.  As Tim started to approach 40, he  wanted to get back into shape. He weighed all of his fitness options, but he kept resorting back to CrossFit.  Tim desired a fitness routine that was different each day and also loved being competitive.  He also had an interest in coaching to ensure he was getting the most out of his workouts, while keeping himself safe. Tim finally decided to give it a try and he loved it, so he continued to try to learn as much as he could about CrossFit.  Over the years he has really enjoyed helping other people get started, as he wanted them to have a similar experience as him.  In 2016 Tim followed through with completing his Level 1 training, and has been coaching ever since. He still loves the competition and drive, and enjoys helping individuals new to the sport. 

Darryl Wilkes -Coach- CF LVL 1


Darryl began CrossFit about two years ago.  He loves the competition and variety that CrossFit brings to the table.  Working with new individuals each day has made CrossFit and coaching that much more enjoyable for Darryl.  He enjoys long walks on the beach, but he is not a huge fan of burpees or thrusters.  His favorite movements are pull ups and clean and jerks.  He would prefer to do without the wallballs, but snatches are a solid YES.  Oh, and Muscle Ups make him happy.  Lastly, he throughly enjoys the loud music and NO shirts!

Tasha Christie-coach- CF LVL 1


Tasha has a strong passion for coaching and mentoring.  She believes fitness is more than what you can do physically but the culmination of mental strength, confidence, balance and goal setting.  She grew up an avid athlete swimming by the age of four, playing volleyball (indoors and sand), participating in track & field predominantly as a discus and shot put thrower AND... she was even a cheerleader.  In High School she was a triple threat and lettered in every sport, competing all three seasons.  She attended Western Maryland College (currently McDaniel) and swam for the Green Terrors all four years as well as participating on the track team and spent one year on the volleyball team.  Tasha found CrossFit in 2009 and began coaching shortly thereafter.  She dabbled in Olympic Weightlifting for two years competing with some of the best on the East Coast.  Tasha continues to coach all ages and abilities ranging from 12 and up and loves it more and more each day. 

Tania groft-coach-cf lvl 1

At a young age, Tania developed a love of  physical activities and being part of a team. She started field hockey at 8 years old, and continued to play throughout adulthood. She was captain of her high school soccer team, and also the women’s track team at York College, where she ran the 400 and 800. She is a teacher at a local school district, where she coached both field hockey and track for several years.  Tania is an avid runner, but after having her first child, was looking for something more to motivate her. CrossFit was the answer! She joined SU at 5 months postpartum and realized quickly how transformative CrossFit can be. She continued to workout throughout her second pregnancy, and is knowledgeable in modifications for both pregnant and postpartum athletes. Her love of the sport has been a motivator for her to get her Level 1 Certification, so she can share that love with our members and visitors.

Cory Klinedinst-Coach-cf lvl 1

Robyn Hess-coach-CF LVL 1

Scott Morgan-Coach-CF LVL 1